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Dudhsagar Tour

An insight to the Dudhsagar Tour hosted by Travel OffTrack

It’s not just any Tour, its 3 states in just 3 days. Dudhsagar falls, Gokak falls and Godchinamalaki falls. Places that treat your eyes and soul.

The Dudhsagar waterfalls (Dudh: milk, Sagar: sea) is located in a forest on the Goa-Karnataka border. Its a part of the Western Ghats – a mountain range in Southwest India. It is a four-tiered waterfall. The mountains from which the Dudhsagar waterfalls emerge are in Karnataka and the forest in which they fall is in Goa. With Travel OffTrack’s plan – we start our journey in Pune @4:30 pm on Friday (mostly Fridays) and Monday mornings we return.

The Train journey is also full of fun and lots of games, everyone bonds so well that they forget they had come solo.

Early morning when we get the first view of the falls, its like Love at first sight. And when the sun’s rays fall onto it, we understand it’s mighty and milky like flowing milk. It’s exhausting, but its all worth it. The same evening we leave for other amazing falls.

Gokak falls located near Belgaum have its own beauty, with all red rocks surrounding it, these falls in monsoon are all overloaded with Water, with a hanging bridge on top, and an old Lord Shiva temple that enhances the beauty of this place to a next level.
There is a treat for all the shopaholics also here 🙂

The Godchinamalaki located on Markandeya river is near Gokak falls is the last treat of the whole tour. When you reach here you will find yourself in an extreme natural spot of flowing powerful water through huge rocks.

Even the train journeys are too much fun. An experience which will be unforgettable. A journey which will be enjoyed thoroughly.